Introducing WULEEP merchandise and apparel

WULEEP in Jamaican patois literally translates into “a whole heap”. It means a lot of anything really. It can be used to reference a lot of literally anything in the world. It was fitting in our minds to establish our apparel and merchandising effort around such a word because it has endless possibilities in its meaning. We intend to make WULEEP a lifestyle brand that serves the mindset and attitude of people who can relate to Jamaican, Caribbean, and reggae culture. This culture has long been used by pop-culture to bring spice and seasoning to pop culture itself. Our goal is to stay true to who we are what we believe in and serve a community of people who deeply understand, loves, cherishes, and is proud of what Jamaican culture represents. Join us in exploring the fun and endless possibilities of WULEEP apparel and merchandising at


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