10 reasons why live reggae performances rock

Live performances and tours are generally where artists of all genres make a solid living and amass wealth. Reggae artists are no exception to that reality.

It’s no secret that reggae music generally has a hard time at the cash register. That is an issue to be resolved once all the factors have causing that have been figured out. That is not to say that Reggae music does not sell. However, its influence is not matching its economic viability. That being a reality. Its heartening however to know that reggae music thrives in the live performances sphere. Whether they be club shows, concerts, or music festivals. Live reggae music performances lives up to its billing. Anywhere in the world. Whether its Europe, North America, Caribbean, or Asia. Live performances and tours are generally where artists of all genres make a solid living and amass wealth. Reggae artists are no exception to that reality. Here then, are the top ten reasons why reggae music thrives in the live performances arena.

1. Pent up demand
Given that reggae music does not get as much airplay as other genres in major markets. It’s really compelling for a fan to attend a live reggae show where they can soak it all in.

2. Concerts and shows are just cool
People love a live performance. Setup up a band on the street and start playing some music. Any music. In no time you will have a captive audience. Make it a live reggae band and everyone is instantly on vacation in the Caribbean.

3. It’s exotic
Lets face it. Reggae music is still considered a bit exotic. Good, but exotic non-the less. That is a definite pull when music fans are looking for alternate programming from the big names and big genres.

4. Music discovery is still exciting
Chances are good that lots of patrons will attend a show without knowing who half the performers are. That’s OK as long as the music is good. Going to a show and discovering a new artist is still very much exciting.

5. Its affordable
You won’t have to pay $2,000 for floor tickets at a reggae concert. Not that there is anything wrong with paying that. Clearly there are music performers who command that. But for the reggae fan, that is not a concern. They can enjoy a performance and still be able to pay rent the next day.

6. Great vibes
Reggae music is not one thing. It’s a confluence of things. Shows can have the energy of a rap concert or a carnival and the musicality of blues performance. It amounts to a great way to spend a few hours listening to music and enjoying performances.

7. The atmosphere is amazing
The sights, the sounds, the smells. Contact anyone?

8. Reggae is a genre that is even better live
Some genres don’t always sound great live. The music is overproduced, the vocals are too stylized. Reggae is still all about the music. The sound, the performance, the lyrics and words. Putting that all together in a live performance makes for a great musical experience.

9. The entertainment value is high
Have you ever seen the craziness of a dancehall concert? Its one part circus, one part music show. If you don’t know the language or the culture you may experience culture shock but in a completely harmless way. The passion in the music is infectious.

10. It matters to the artists
Reggae artists survive all on their own through the love of their craft and their sheer will. Shows and performances are how they are able to keep entertaining us.


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