Tarrus Riley’s “It Will Come (A Musicians Life Story)” Inspires YouTube Cover

Good music communicates, inspires, and lives on no matter when it was released.

Tarrus Riley’s 2009 VP Records album release Contagious is one the best reggae albums ever released. Don’t agree? Do yourself a favor and give it a another listen if you are familiar with the work. If you have not heard it, stop reading now and go listen to it. You can thank us later. Though it’s not a new release, the music is simply timeless, and one of those rare albums where you don’t need the skip or stop buttons. It’s 18 tracks of primarily high quality original music and lyrics, and even the covers are very well done. One of our favorite tracks on the album is “It Will Come (A Musicians Life Story)”.

It chronicles the struggles of well, a struggling artist. Having life conversations about how difficult it is to pursue your life’s passion while it’s seeming fruitlessness puts financial and emotional pressures on relationships. It’s a well written and produced track that even the non-struggling artist can relate to.

There is no music video for the track, but in 2010 Tarrus performed the song on the NPR Tiny Desk Concert with co-writers of the song Dean Frazier and Lamont Savory. It was a bite sized treat of reggae goodness.

Fast forward a few years after the release of the album and Youtube user YacklesTheClown covered Tarrus’ song with the confidence of a precocious songbird. Her silky smooth, crisp voice, delivers a stand up rendition of the song and her delivery appropriately conveys the angst of an aspirers struggles.

Good music communicates, inspires, and lives on no matter when it was released.


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